Targets and pilots

Pilot areas
For 2012 and 2013, three regions have been selected for pilot projects: the mountainous area of Dovre in Oppland County, the Akerselva district in Oslo and the rural municipalities of Bø-Sauherad in Telemark County.

We start with three pilot projects in order to gain important experience before assessing whether the project should be launched nationwide. In the pilots we aim to find out how to provide simple mobile access to relevant facts and narratives and how to adapt the content to various travel situations. We also wish to see what kinds of dissemination are suitable for various target groups, and how we can encourage the public to share their stories and their knowledge.

–      Bø-Sauherad focuses mainly on local knowledge and involvement.

–      Dovre concentrates on dissemination of culture and nature in rural and mountain areas.

–      In the Akerselva district, testing of mobile dissemination in an urban area with good access to data is at the centre of attention.

Target groups

The project has several target groups, including travellers using a variety of forms of transport: bus passengers, motorists, canoeists, cyclists and hikers – residents as well as visitors. We wish to test what forms of dissemination the users prefer, on the basis of their age and interests as well as on their mode of travel (on foot, by car, by bicycle, etc.).

Read more about technology here.

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