Ronald Lenz

Bilde av Ronad Lenz

Lenz is co-founder and CEO of 7scenes. He previously founded the Urban Reality Lab, a research department on locative media at Dutch medialab Waag Society. With many years of experience in locative and mobile media, Lenz has a long track record developing research programs, mobile products, strategies and technology platforms that focus on urban and social innovation. His interests lie specifically in how emerging technologies shape the way we design and experience cities.

MuseumApp. All museums in one app!
Abstract: The MuseumApp is a platform that enables Dutch museums to create and publish location-based tours for smart phones that unlock their collections at city locations and in the exhibition spaces. The MuseumApp bundles all museums and their tours together in one app creating a cultural compass for anyone that comes  to visit the city. The presentation will discuss strategy, experiences and future development.


  1. Program “Morgendagen er mobil” | - 22. mai 2012

    […] MuseumApp – All museums in one app! […]

  2. Om fagdagen og foredragsholdere | - 13. mai 2012

    […] Riddersholm Wang, Hege Hauge Tofte og Espen Nordenhaug, Gunnar Liestøl, Håkon M. Bjerkan, Roland Lenz, Anette Rattfelt og Belinda Andersen er våre […]

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