Heritage Here – a cross agency project of innovation

Heritage Here is a national effort to increase access to public information and local knowledge about culture and nature. Equipped with a smartphone or a tablet, everyone will gain access to relevant facts and stories about nature and culture at their location. This cross agency cooperation under The Ministry of local Government and Modernization, The Ministry of Climate and Environment, and The Ministry of Culture facilitates access to public databases. The contents can be used and developed by others for new services; by business, tourism and education.

A long term objective  is to increase people’s knowledge of and create involvement for cultural heritage and natural assets and values.


From 2012 to 2015

The project is a cooperation between The Norwegian Mapping Authority, Arts Council NorwayNorwegian Environment Agency, the Directorate of Cultural Heritage and The National Archives.
The National Archives joined the project in 2014.

In In 2012 and 2013 the main focus was on further development of technical infrastructures to extract data from partner databases and other databases for mobile dissemination.

Furthermore, a lot of effort is put into working With local partners in Our the pilot areas; Akerselva in Oslo, Bø/Sauherad in Telemark and and Dovre in Oppland. We have, among other things, organized more than 20 workshops on digital storytelling and geo tagging.

In 2014 the pilots are expanded to all of Telemark and St. Olav Ways – the Pilgrim paths from Oslo to Trondheim and new strategic partnerships are formed with the National Pilgrim Centre DNT (The Norwegian Trekking Association), among others. Services, data and digital infrastructure developed in the project can be used by anyone and are nationwide.


Government institutions are encouraged to make their data accessible for use. In the project data from the partners are to be coordinated, enriched, geo tagged and disseminated in new ways while new contents are created. This can be information about animal and plant life, cultural heritage and historical events. The contents varies from government data to personal stories, from observations of nature to art. Both the stories of individuals and the Collections of data from the databases of the project partners are part of the project.

Services, data and digital infrastructure developed in the project are nationwide and can be used by anyone. The content can be used to develop new services for the purpose of business, tourism and education etc.

Technical infrastructure

A main target for the project is to further development of technical infrastructures to extract data from partner databases and other databases for mobile dissemination.


Networking and capacity building

The project has actively worked to create a network of contributors and partners both nationwide and international. Heriage Here is a cooperation between three ministries, five directorates, volunteer culture workers, municipalities, counties, museums, archives and other institutions.

In total there are about 18 institutions and organizations and more than 200 persons involved in Heritage Here. Expertise is growing in dissemination of mobile culture, technology, data exchange and rights management.

#Hack4no – A hackathon on culture, nature and open data

7th and 8th of February 2014, 189 hackers, designers, hackarounds and data providers gathered ato participate in Heritage Here’s highly successfull hackathon on open data. 14 solutions and prototypes were contributed to the competition, all of high quality and diversity. More about #HACK4NO and our winners here.  

The pilot project will:

  • Establish a solid partnership between five agencies, anchoring the project locally and nationwide.
  • Make existing contents available and produce new contents relevant for mobile dissemination in three pilot areas.
  • Map the technological landscape and develope national digital infrastructures for aggregation of data and data flow.
  • Map challenges into mobile distribution and dissemination of contents from partner databases.
  • Run usability testing of various apps.
  • Build expertise in open data, technologies, geon tagging, dissemination and rights management.
  • Build a strong professional and strategic position nationally and internationally.


Heritage Here stories in English


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