Interfacing the past!

Today I am attending «Digital Heritage, interfacing the past» in York.
It is like the best summer day I could imagine and atm I am kicking back with a cup of coffee – with my shoes off (as one of the new things I learn today: U get smarter with ur shoes off)

Louise Sorensen, School of English Literature, Language & Linguistics, University of Sheffield: “Ancestors, avatars and the American dream: Virtual world technology as a historical tool”

As a Norwegian, of course I got intrigued by the emegration vizualization project: «Ola Nordmann goes west» . They need more content, so naturally my mind goes to Digithales (open Norwegian portal and database to collect and present everybody’s digital storytelling) and my former work place, Museum Center Hordland and their department Western Norway Emegration Center.


Helen Petrie, Mohd Kamal Othman & Christopher Power, Department of Computer Science; Dee Dyas, Louise Hampson & Anthony Masinton, Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, University of York: “Measuring visitor experience with cultural heritage via smartphone apps: the case of Shakespeare’s church”

I am working on how to measure visitor xp with KNappen and was very happy to hear that these people will share there questionnaire. A little heads up: people tend to be to polite to tell you when the app bugs. Keep on digging for there opinion. Other tips we need to consider: 1) Get people who has nothing to do with the app to do the survey. 2) have a control group without the app and one group that can choose.

Happy news to serve the skeptics: the church app showed that using it didn’t prevent people to experience the real thing or preclude the spiritual or religious experience. AND the app users stayed longer:)

Ed Fay, London School of Economics: “Mobile interfaces and geolocated discovery: PhoneBooth and Women’s Walks”

If you like our project, check out PhoneBooth! Map as an interface with the past. Straight to the sources. Next for them is a specializes woman’s walk.

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Forfatter:Marit Kjeksrud Amundsen

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